Luca Fossum – Author and Business Services


I am a qualified, experienced proofreader, having trained with the Publishing Training Centre and worked as a professional proofreader since 2018. Whether your manuscript is short or long, fiction or nonfiction, intended for sale or not, I will go through it page by page and sentence by sentence, essentially giving it a good polish.

I work with authors and publishers on book publishing projects and with businesses and organisations on a variety of documents, such as newsletters, websites and advertising leaflets.

Beta Reading & Critiquing

Completed your fiction manuscript but need some feedback before taking it further? A professional beta read, or critique, might be for you. I’ll look at your manuscript as a whole and offer feedback on aspects like plot, character and structure. This will help you make decisions as you move on to the next stage of the process, whether that’s revision, professional editing or last-minute self-edits before publication.

Writing Services

Have you got ideas for your business blog but lack the skill/desire/time to see them through? Or maybe you need to write or re-write copy for your website? Perhaps I can help – I’ve got a writing degree and experience writing for myself and others.

Virtual Assistance

Got administrative tasks – whether one-off or recurring – to complete but think your time and attention could be better spent elsewhere? I am an experienced admin assistant and would love to help you out!