About Me

Luca Fossum, the Professional

Luca Fossum offers author and business services, specialising in proofreading, critiquing, writing and virtual assistance services.

Accredited training and qualifications

CPD courses

Related work experience (non-freelance)

  • 5+ years in admin, customer service and marketing for a small online retailer (2009–2014)
  • Internship in admin and marketing for a creative micro-business (2019–2020)
  • Library Volunteer with Community Managed Libraries (2019–2020)
  • Office/Admin Volunteer with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (2019–present)

Luca Fossum, the Person

  • I adore badgerssquirrels and Scotties
  • I grew up in Denmark and moved to the UK in 2014 when I was 25
  • I’m a Questioner and an ISTJ/ISFJ
  • I am a Huffleclaw, but would choose Hufflepuff if push came to shove
  • I’m trans (he/him), bi and ace
  • I met my fiancée on FanFiction.net in 2012. Thanks, Glee!
  • I still play The Sims 3. I play according to a complex set of self-imposed rules and use a massive spreadsheet for organisation
  • Apart from English and Danish, I’ve studied German, Spanish and Finnish formally – but don’t speak any of them today. I’ve also learnt some Japanese and Welsh thanks to Duolingo, but I haven’t managed to maintain it. One day I’ll go back!
  • I’m left-handed, and spiral-bound notebooks are my nemeses
  • I have two brothers, 7 and 12 years older than me
  • Having found that I actually enjoy the financial admin side of self-employment, I’m now studying for AAT bookkeeping qualifications, so that I can eventually offer it as a service
  • I consider myself a pagan, though I’ve long struggled to figure out exactly where I belong and to commit to a regular practice. Currently looking into Druidry, though, which is feeling good.