Author Services

I’m a qualified proofreader with degrees in Creative Writing and Publishing. You can probably imagine, then, that the decision to work with fiction authors was a bit of a no-brainer! I get to

  • read more fiction
  • meet some fabulous and creative souls
  • help put wonderful new stories into the world

What’s not to love?

As a writer myself who has gone through various different feedback processes, I am also keenly aware that there is no one “correct” way to write a story. This means that I will never attempt to force my own style or opinion on you. Granted, it will inevitably colour my feedback, because I am a human and not a machine, and to some extent it is also literally what I am paid to do. What I won’t do is insist that you take my advice to heart – whether that’s about your protagonist’s character arc or the placement of a comma!

My author-specific services are proofreading and beta reading/critiquing. Both are available at different “levels” to accommodate different needs and budgets. Click the buttons below to be taken to the relevant sub-section.

I specialise in services for fiction authors, particularly contemporary and LGBT+ fiction. But I do also read and enjoy nonfiction – and have received training on it – so if you think we might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’ll only take you on if I feel qualified to help you.

If you’re an author with business needs, please also see the Business Services section.

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