Book rec: Self-editing for Fiction Writers

@ 9 September 2019

Self-editing for Fiction Writers is particularly useful for writers who are just starting to educate themselves on the craft of writing. It is not, however, a book strictly for beginners.

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Writing vs storytelling: what’s the difference and why does it matter?

@ 12 June 2019

Writing vs storytelling. If you’ve never considered the difference before, they may sound like two sides of the same coin. But, for the fiction author, considering this question often goes to the very heart of why they create.

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What do quotes for proofreading look like?

@ 23 May 2019

This process of getting quotes for proofreading – how long it takes, what information you need to provide and what you get out of it – can vary greatly between editors. Here’s what it looks like at Luca Fossum Editorial.

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