Blog Writing Services

With a degree in writing and experience writing blog posts and website copy for employers, I offer a friendly and affordable blog writing service.

I don’t claim to be an SEO or copywriting expert (nor do I charge like one), but I’m a Creative Writing and Publishing graduate with a strong basic understanding of the principles of marketing, and I genuinely care about creating good content (too much sometimes, to my own detriment, as I find myself obsessing over details, slowing me down).

And ‘expert’ isn’t necessarily what your business needs, so if I am (or can get) interested in your particular niche topic, maybe we can work together: I will write you a solid, well-researched blog post or (web page) at a reasonable cost.

I’m open to writing other types of content too, but these will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.


I quote for my blog writing services on a per-project basis, rather than on a per-hour or per-word basis.

The blog post can be a somewhat nebulous thing, and it’s often difficult to predict exactly how many words or hours a post will need to be complete. Nor is a, say, 600-word post always going to be quicker to write (or provide more value) than a 900-word one.

A flat fee also gives you, the client, certainty: it means you don’t have to wonder whether I’ll take two hours or six to write your post (pay per hour), nor do you have to arbitrarily decide on an exact word count or worry that I’ll fluff up your post with unnecessary words just to reach the upper end of your given word count range and thus get paid more (pay per word).

Rather, we’ll simply agree on the parameters, e.g. “600–900 words on Letterpress as an endangered craft“ and you’ll know from the beginning exactly what it’s going to cost you.

And from my point of view, I like not having to worry overly about the word count (pay per word) or whether I’m spending too long researching this or that and wasting the client’s time (pay per hour). I can simply concentrate on writing a good blog post, accepting that my defacto hourly wage will vary.

But what will it actually cost, you ask?

The exact cost of my blog writing services depends on the length and scope of the work, so do get in touch with me to initiate a discussion and get a quote. But here’s a rough guide to give you something to work off:

Prices start at £35.

This buys a blog post, up to 1000 words, on a pre-determined topic for a business whose niche I’m reasonably familiar with (but where the post isn’t to be all fluff and still requires some research). This is a no-frills service for those who wish to retain a good deal of control, keeping costs down in the process, and so includes just a Word document with the text.

Anything that goes beyond that – image sourcing, post scheduling, longer or more complex posts – will add to the cost.

Very short/simple posts can be accommodated, but usually only in multiples and/or at regular intervals (in order for it to be viable for me). Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

I am also happy to consider non-blogging writing work, e.g. creating or re-writing website copy. Again, please get in touch.