Business Services

My business services include writing, proofreading and virtual assistance.

Of the time I’ve spent in traditional employment, most of it has been working for small businesses. One grew to about twenty employees (most part time). In another, there was only me and the two owners.

And having been responsible for my own little freelance business since 2018, I understand the sorts of things that go into the day-to-day running of a business. I understand how easy it is, especially for one- or two-man bands, for things to get on top of you.

There can be different reasons for this, and hiring external help is not always the best move. It could be that you just need to look at your time management. Maybe you need to re-strategise. Or perhaps you’ve simply lost your passion. It could be any number of issues.

But many business owners will find a lot of their problems solved by hiring someone to take over or assist with some of your tasks.

You’ll also find that hiring a freelancer can be a great move if you’re not ready for – or want to entirely avoid – being an employer in the traditional sense.

Less admin, less risk. More flexibility.

Short-term, long-term, one-off. Two hours or twenty. Whatever you need, I’ve got you covered.

If you’re an author whose business model includes book authorship, please also see the Author Services section.

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