Virtual Assistance

Admin, proofreading, customer service and more

Are you looking for virtual assistance to give you a little more time in your day? More days in your week?

We all know that admin is a necessary part of running any business, even small ones. Much as we might like to, we cannot spend 100% of our time doing the thing that made us want to start the business in the first place, whether that’s providing services, selling physical products, creating content, or something else. Without admin, emails would go unanswered, invoices would go unpaid, and websites would go unmaintained.

But for small businesses – especially solopreneurs – all that admin can easily get on top of you and keep you from devoting meaningful time to developing your business. Week after week, you’re only treading water: not drowning, but not getting closer to the shore either.

Or perhaps you generally do manage to keep on top of recurring admin tasks while making progress in your business, but occasionally big, boring administrative tasks crop up. They’re distracting, they’re time-consuming. Perhaps you even hate doing them, so you procrastinate, wasting more time.

That’s where I come in.

I’m one of those odd people who actually enjoys seemingly boring admin work. I find great satisfaction in organising and keeping things in order, and I love a good spreadsheet.

I offer virtual assistance and administrative support to small businesses (including other freelancers). My aim is to lighten your load so you can get on with what matters the most. Tasks can be one-off, occasional or regular – whatever suits you.

What I can help you with

You know your business and its needs best, including which tasks can feasibly be done via virtual assistance, but some of the things I may be able to assist you with include:

  • Invoicing (generating and/or payment of)
  • Credit control (chasing payments)
  • Replying to emails
  • Proofreading and editing newsletters, posts and documents
  • Website administration
  • Social media support
  • Online research
  • Transcription
  • Data entry
  • File organisation and management


My hourly rate is £18.

For one-off tasks, the minimum charge is £24, equivalent to 1.5 hours of work.

For occasional and regular work, we can arrange monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly invoicing. Tasks can be pre-arranged (e.g. every week I’ll send out invoices and chase up overdue payments, no need for you to prompt me), or they can be ad-hoc as they crop up. It’s all down to what makes the most sense for you. Do, however, keep in mind that the time required for me to read your brief and get acquainted with a task is generally charged for too, so the more we can automate the more cost-effective my services will be.

A note on proofreading

Where your only or main virtual assistance requirement is proofreading, it may make more sense to pay by the word, rather than the hour. This makes the cost transparent and predictable, which makes budgeting easier and can be particularly valuable if it’s not a one-off project.

Simply send me a sample of the work to be proofread, along with any relevant details (including length) and I will give you a quote per 1,000 words. Assuming that all your projects are similar in scope, the rate will remain the same for future projects.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer a 15% discount to registered charities.

Occasionally where a task is very “brain-less” (meaning I could easily, say, focus on listening to an audiobook while completing it), I will offer a lower rate.