I write short stories, novellas and novels, or sometimes just aimless scribbles in my writing journal. Genre-wise, I lean towards contemporary fiction, though I’m not opposed to a bit of sci-fi or fantasy if the idea intrigues me enough. But whatever the genre, my work tends to be fairly – to borrow a term from the film industry – “low concept”, as I prioritise well-developed characters over flashy plots or premises.

(Writing this, I realise I sound kind of disparaging towards high-concept stories, which is not my intent. Nothing wrong with high concept. Or low concept. It’s just a question of different strengths and priorities. Hm, I sense a blog post here.)

My stories also regularly include LGBT+ characters – sometimes ‘just because’, other times because the story specifically calls for it. I have several reasons for this (another blog post?), but mainly it’s that, well, sometimes people are queer so sometimes my characters are too.

At the moment I’m balancing my writing life with my developing editorial business and my other interests and responsibilities. Add to that the facts that I’m a terribly slow writer who sometimes takes long breaks from writing or flits back and forth between projects, that a bunch of what I write is more therapeutic than audience-oriented, and that I’ve yet to devote much effort to actually publishing what I’ve written – and you’ll understand why there isn’t much here yet!

But I want that to change. I’m getting more organised and devoting more time to writing these days, actually scheduling it. Walking the walk and all that. Which is also where this website comes in. I figure if I involve myself with the writing community and put it out there what I do, I stand a better chance of actually doing it!

For now, why don’t you join me over on my blog where I’ll be talking about story and writing craft, sharing proofreading tips, reviewing resources for writers, and providing advice on working with beta readers and editorial professionals. Let’s get chatting!